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Yo! This is for Members of the Speakers & Producers Network...With a ShoutOut to Rob!

Let's Work Together to Inspire and Change People's Lives!

Welcome to OpportunityThon™...
"Live Aid for Entrepreneurs"

Because now's the greatest time for you to
share your knowledge.

24 Inspiring Hours...April 17-18, 2020

Here's the big idea.

This is an unprecedented time in our economic history. While many businesses are struggling and will not survive, others will thrive.

OpportunityThon™ will inspire new and seasoned entrepreneurs to seize the potential in our new economy. Now's the time for us to share our leadership and inspire others to see past current challenges…to rise up and overcome the obstacles of current events.

In other words, we'll help them get through this.

The greatest impact we can make is when we work together. One marathon event. With everyone sharing, inspiring, enlightening and providing great ideas for our viewers to implement in their businesses and lives.

It's like LiveAid…for Entrepreneurs.

We can save businesses. And we can save lives.

It’s time to learn from history:

In the 1920s, Post was the category leader in the ready-to-eat cereal category. During the Great Depression, they significantly cut back their advertising budget. Rival Kellogg’s doubled its advertising spend. They invested heavily in radio. In fact, they introduced a new cereal called Rice Krispies, featuring “Snap,” “Crackle” and “Pop.” Kellogg’s profits grew by 30%.

They became the category leader, a position they’ve maintained for decades.

Now’s the time for us all to step up as Kelloggs did…and Carpe Diem, baby!

So here’s what it is...

We’re producing a LIVE 24-hour (or longer?) “OpportunityThon™” during the weekend of April 17-18. We’ll be streaming LIVE…all over the planet (it will stream on

We want YOU to be a guest!

You'll join a growing list of some of the leading business and thought leaders from across the globe, including Les Brown, Dame DC Cordova, Mike Filsaime, Jillian Sidoti, Roland Frasier, Wes Schaeffer and more. Each guest will share his/her top ideas for how to Seize The Day and capitalize on the opportunities in today’s economic situation. This is all about moving forward.

Join us! Here's just some of who's committed so far (there are lots more).
Let's get your photo here, too!

Wes Schaeffer

Casey Eberhart

Casey Eberhart

Kim Krause Schwalm


Roland Frasier

Jillian Sidoti

Scott Paton

Scott Paton

Teresa de Grosbois

Tom Beal

Tom Beal

Gail Kingsbury

Capt Lou Edwards

"Captain Lou" Edwards

Allison Shreeve

Tim Johnson

Timothy Johnson

Mike Filsaime

Brian Ridgway

Brian Ridgway

Shannon McCaffery

Your Name Here

The Structure...

Guest slots:

There are three different slot options (and there will be a limited number of each):

  • 28 minutes—more teaching based 
  • 15 minutes—more conversation-based
  • 5 minutes— cameo spot (can be pre-recorded)

Given the live nature of the event, we reserve the right to modify timing as needed.

Selling and making offers:

While we don’t want to make this feel like a pitch-a-thon, we DO want to provide valuable tools and training to support our viewers. So—we want you to provide a crazy, amazing deal on one of your signature products—for the duration of the event only (or for just a few hours–like a blue-light special). With a super crazy low price, we get to stay above the line—and provide real value to our viewers.


We will be offering a VIP replay option at an anticipated price of $197. In order to boost the perceived value and make this a no-brainer, please provide a bonus product that can be included in the offer. This will give you the opportunity to build your list—even if you’re not making an offer or if people don’t purchase your product directly.

Charitable Giving:

The event to raise money for some important causes. So 10% of all sales will go directly into a pool and shared with the charities after the conclusion of the event. We’re still identifying the proper recipients, so please share your suggestions.


If you need to share any keynotes or PowerPoints, that’s fine—they’ll originate from your screen. If you’re not comfortable with screen sharing, we’ll do a trial run before going live.

Why you should participate.

Is there really a question here?

First, it's just good karma. People need hope right now. They need to feel supported and they need to know there really IS a way out of this “inconvenient” situation.

Next, it's great business for you. You'll be part of a global event that will be exposed to hopefully millions (we plan to promote to chambers of commerce and other groups and associations), plus we expect to get good press–the news needs good news now.

Then of course there's the economics. You'll be able to generate direct revenue from VIP recording sales and sales of your products either through direct offers during the “OpThon” or from business generated from your bonus packages included in the recording package.

A Song?


One of our producers has visions of our own virtual “We Are The World” experience. He's working with a songwriter that has written and directed a broadway show and has written and scored 5 feature films.

So, yes–there will be a terrific, inspiring, uplifting song written and produced for this event, so get yourself tuned-up!

Details (tentative)

Since this will be done on a short time fuse, let’s make this as easy as possible for everyone. 

  1. You'll be able to livestream direct from your home, office or wherever–using your mobile device. We'll coordinate the technical stuff with you as soon as you're scheduled.
  2. If you'll be making an offer, we’ll provide links directly to your shopping cart—you’ll process all payments and directly fulfill on all of your sales (yep–you get paid immediately).
  3. You’ll keep 50% of all revenue from your sales. 10% will go to the charity pool and we’ll retain 40%.
  4. You’ll release 50% of all revenue due to us within 7 days of the event and the balance at the end of your refund period. Note—you may wish to have a “no-refund” policy based on your super-low pricing—or not.
  5. Obviously we’ll need for you to promote the heck out of this to your tribe. We’ll provide you with kickass sales copy.
  6. We will deliver the event for free to viewers, and will make a VIP recording package available for $197 (anticipated pricing). You’ll earn a 50% commission on the balance all of those sales generated through your promotional efforts (after we distribute 10% to the charity pool).  We’d encourage you to provide a bonus that we could throw into the (VIP) package–it obviously will add value to the selling proposition AND give you an additional opportunity to reach as many viewers as possible (yes–you'll generate new leads/prospects/clients).
  7. Please be sure to keep an amazing sense of humor. We’re doing this without a net and anything can happen. We’ll be streaming from both Australia and the USA, so we’re dependent upon technology cooperating.
  8. If you know of anyone who would be a great guest, please CONNECT US NOW! We’re totally cool in expanding the OpportunityThon™ for as long as we can…(perhaps we should go for a Guinness Record?)
  9. Please send us a list of questions that you’d love for us to ask you—This is a great opportunity to showcase YOU and keep you positioned as a person that’s serving the community—so we want to help make you shine!

Who's behind this?

Ken Krell has produced live virtual summits for nearly 8 years. He's the creator of “World Love Week” and other successful virtual events.

For over a third of a century, Ken has been a sought-after speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship and investing, and has sold millions of dollars of products and services from the stage.

Over the past 5 years, Ken has spoken throughout Southeast Asia and Australia and has lived the life of “digital nomad” for over 8 years.

YES! I'm in!

Awesome! Please complete the short form below and we'll connect with your assistant (if you have one) to coordinate details. 


A Common-Sense Disclosure:

Just some fine print to see if you're paying attention 🙂

Totally looking forward to your participation!

Header Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels

Ken Krell's photo by Ken Rochon (he's amazing)

Other photos by:

Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Juhasz Imre from Pexels

Start Digital on Unsplash

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