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OpThon Update: 14 April 2020


Many of you have confided in me that you’d like more time to promote OpThon…and to get the song recorded (I had no idea how much time it would take all of us—those that have submitted their recordings have taken it VERY seriously! —THANK-YOU) **Note that there are some new music tracks to make your singing easier–scroll down to the 11 April post**

(Check out Shirley Dalton’s video on Facebook today!)

So—in order to maintain sanity, lower stress levels and provide you with more time to share the event with your tribe, we’re pushing it back a week (to the 24th-25th). It’s the same day/time—just 1-week later.

That means we’ll start at 4pm EST on Friday the 24th and go for 25 hours (not a typo!). I’ll have the schedule to you tomorrow.  If you have any conflicts, please let me know immediately–we'll figure something out.

We’ll have some updated graphics and swipes to you later today or tomorrow. A HUGE thanks to Doctor Dean Hankey for creating the flyer graphics for us. Dean has jumped in and been such a massive help on this project.

Yes, we pushed it back so we—that’s all of us—would have more time to properly market the event—and get YOU a larger audience so you can make a bigger impact and help more people. We have such an important message to share—that it just doesn’t seem right to rush this and do less than we’re capable of. 

The date change doesn’t mean you should stop or delay your promotional efforts. 

Starting later today, Dean and I will be doing 2 FB lives a day—with each of our guest experts (YOU) as a guest for 5 minutes. That will serve as some great prelaunch content and give you another relevant reason to share with your tribe. We’ll reach out to you directly—no need to prepare (you’ve got this!).

We also slashed the price of the recording package to $97 and added-in a VIP-style bonus—VIP’s will be able to ask questions during the live sessions from a private FB group. Free attendees will NOT. Hopefully the new offer will result in more conversions.

We’re updating the date (and clarified the date change) on the website, so that should mitigate any temporary confusion if you’re promoting it today with the now old dates. We’ll be emailing all registrants with an update as well.

So that’s it for now. We’re at over 46 guest experts, and a few more to come, (so if we reach out to you for something, please respond quickly for both of our benefit).

Apologies if this causes confusion—as much as I wanted to go LIVE this weekend, it feels totally right to give us all an extra week to do a better job.

Big love and hugs!

OpThon Update: 11 April 2020

The Song is READY!

Additional Note:

Please shoot your video in LANDSCAPE MODE to make it easier for us to edit. Shooting it like a selfie video in portrait mode will give us those black bars on either side of you. Send us the video via dropbox or whatever file transfer system you want. Remember–we need it back by end of the day TUESDAY. Thanks!

Please sing the entire song–that gives our video editor more options. You can shoot it anywhere that you'll have a decent quality image. 

Links to your resources are below:

Note: We have THREE different Keys available to suit any of your singing needs 🙂

OpThon Update: 10 April 2020

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