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Upgrade to VIP status Now & get exclusive Privileges, Including...

1. VIP Chat Access to Every LIVE Session.

Back in the “old days” (just a few months ago!), at in-person events, VIP's get up-front seating and exclusive access to the speakers.

Here in the virtual environment, you'll have exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you'll get to ask questions–LIVE–to our guests during the event.

You'll also enjoy some exclusive, private VIP-only post-event sessions.

2. Lifetime Access to The Recordings of Every Session.

You’ll be exposed to so many terrific ideas, strategies, tactics and resources in such a short time, that your brain is guaranteed to be on overload.

In addition, since we'll be LIVE–non-stop for the full 24-hours (or more!), you may be unable to stay up the entire night–or you may have other commitments, so you may miss some valuable content.

The VIP Recording Package is your insurance policy to guarantee that you won't miss a second of critical content!

You'll have lifetime access to every session—so you can review them at your convenience, and share relevant ones with your team.

Here are just a few of the many comments we received during the live event...Exactly why you MUST have these recordings to listen to right now!

3. A Resource Vault with over $5,736 in Great Bonuses!

Next—we’ve packed the offer full with over $5,736 of powerful bonus content (see below) from our faculty—all designed to help you thrive…not just now, but long after the virus situation is resolved.

Frankly, many people will grab the recording package just for the bonuses! Remember–the bonuses are designed to back you up–use them as needed.

Your Resource Vault: Bonuses valued at over $5,736, Include:

You'll love Yifat's training!

  • Interactive Video Training + real time examples
  • Ebook Slides

Discover the proven, powerful, profit-producing systems to Book More Business, Make More Money and Help More People... Not Necessarily In THAT Order!


You're getting Dean's full-on 4-part Video Money-Making Marketing Training complete with hand-out reports for each module where he reveals TONS of his own real world success solutions with massive piles of links, resources and even more BONUS GIFTS. It's not for sale anywhere at the moment--so this is a very special bonus.

The title says it best! Get it. Use it. Profit.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn How to Make a Podcast
  • Publish a new episode in less than 15 minutes (not including recording and editing time)
  • Set up your own popular Podcast show
  • The Secret to Ranking on iTunes, the 800 Pound Gorilla of Podcasting
  • Discover How iTunes and Apple can Send Millions of Podcast Listeners to Your Show
  • Discover How to Build a Fanatic Following of Fabulous Friends
  • How to Choose the Right Microphone For Your Show
  • How to Conduct Interviews Across the Globe
NOTE: Due to licensing agreements, this course will be made available for a limited time after the event is over.

During this 2 1/2+ Hour Training, you'll learn:

==> The 7C's to Building a Fanatical Community

==> The Mistakes Most Group Admins Make

==> Charmed: Keeping member attention DAILY

==> How to Avoid Group Fatigue

==> How to Get Your Group Members to Post

==> How to Become Friends with the Algorithm!

You know how every coach and consultant needs clients and would rather SERVE than sell?
Nat has cracked the code and she shares her best strategies to help you START AND GROW your profitable business in this bonus package!
Your 3 gifts: 
  1. Nat's 23 Free Marketing Strategies (Guide) - valued at $47
  2. The 5 Steps To My First Million Online (Report) - valued at $17
  3. VIP Access To Nat's $0 to $5k Per Week Training - LAST CHANCE! Will be taken offline shortly.  Discover the exact 6 steps Nat's clients are taking to earn up to $5000 per week using ONLY FREE marketing strategies and learn how to attract new potential clients within 60 minutes - valued at $497
Total value of Nat's 3 gifts for you: $561!

You'll discover how to market ANYTHING… Soulfully, Authentically, & with Integrity.

In this engaging workshop you will:

** Learn how to turn existing customers into recurring income clients.

** See how to scale your business and create an endless income stream!

** Access proven FREE lead generation strategies to get targeted leads to your business using Social Media.

** Learn how to set up high converting sales funnels to capture leads and generate sales quickly.

** Access the number 1 way to attract high quality leads to your business without paying for any traffic!

Achieve Instant Spiritual Alignment with this quick technique you can do anywhere, anytime to connect with your Highest Self, Live Inspired, and Stay in a State of Flow, no matter what is going on in the world around you.

The Secret to Staying Focused and On-Track When Faced With Adversity & Life's Difficult Challenges

If you're struggling with any kind of health, financial, relationship challenge, or any other kind of difficult situation in your life right now, you're about to discover the secret to staying focused and on-course with your goals & life, no matter what difficult situation life throws your way.

Bounce back from setbacks to reclaim your focus and clarity. This is a learnable and essential skill to learn and implement, which will alo assist you in regaining your joy, passion, and fulfillment.

With this training you'll learn several simple and repeatable processes that relieve stress, restores calm, and re-points you back to your goals and living your life at the levels you're capable of.

You'll never have to fear any unexpected situation or challenge coming along and throwing you off track.

You were born prewired to live a prosperous life. Unfortunately, many of the coping strategies you use to deal with your sensitive nature can actually BLOCK you from receiving the prosperity waiting for you. That can change quickly when you apply this powerful four step formula for prosperity that works in harmony with your sensitive nature and helps you create the life you truly desire.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

*The five signs that reveal you have energy blocks preventing you from living a prosperous life.
*The most dangerous coping strategy for a highly sensitive person that keeps you stuck in a life of lack. (This will surprise you.)
*How to bypass your inner critic and instantly increase your prosperity consciousness.
*The secret four step formula of prosperity that unleashes a wealth of riches in every aspect of your life.

Discover How YOU Can Use this Easy 123 Strategy to Boost Your Business and Free up Your Time.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ll learn ho to:

--Cut down your time in front of the PC by 30% +
--Gain an extra 14 hours a week to spend with clients
--Boost your top line income by at least 12%
--Lift your profits by 15% or more by working less

Learn exactly how to go after your first clients, even in today's marketing conditions.
You'll also discover how to build up the your company correct from the beginning. We'll reveal everything you need to start your very own agency in the comfort of your home.
This a complete system and training how to properly start your local agency. 

Live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life with daily meditation. These 3 guided meditations are specifically designed to keep you strong, centered and serene in our ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Instead of paying part-time employees or contractors, I've found a highly effective method to find highly skilled and highly motivated free interns to do the work instead. This saves me $1,000's a month while helping graduates with a degree in online marketing gain valuable experience and a reference that they have to have to get a job at an online marketing agency - a real win-win situation!

We all have the innate capacity to heal. However, we have forgotten how. Human beings are the only mammals on the planet that cannot reset their fight/flight response without the help of another.

 There are many ways to reset the flood of stress hormones that keep the body in a phase of panic and fear. And now more than ever, it's important to make sure we are not stuck in panic and fear, as that emotional state has been scientifically proven to diminish the health of our immune system. 

Shamanic journeying is one effective way to drop into the parasympathetic state of promoting self-healing in the mind, body and emotions. Through simple breathing techniques, married with guided visualization, a musical journey and energy work, you will leave feeling rested and recharged. 

This is a Snapshot Analysis of how a Business or Product is showing up for particular Keywords or Keyword Phrases in particular locations. It's a fundamental resource in helping you plan your marketing strategy.

How to Use Your Own Stories to Captivate and Engage Others


In Personal Storytelling in Business, you'll get everything you need to create a personalized lead magnet, bonus resource, short course, email series, or paid product on how to use your own personal stories to captivate and engage other people. You can brand it as your own!

That's right. Your Resource Vault is MASSIVE. 

Here's What You're Getting now:

  • Lifetime Access, a $497 value

    Lifetime access to the recordings of each session of the Live Stream (available in a secure members area after the event concludes), a $497.00 value

  • Access to the Private VIP Facebook Group, a $297 value

    Access to our private Facebook group, where you can interact with other “OpThoners” and ASK QUESTIONS LIVE

  • Your Resource Vault, valued at over $5,736

    Exclusive access to the valuable bonuses above (and more that aren't listed here).

Your VIP Recording Package

A $6,530 Value
$ 133
  • Lifetime Access to the recordings of each session.
  • Your Resource Vault, with a current value of over $5,736 ...and growing!
  • Exclusive Access to the VIP Facebook Members Group, where you can ask questions during the LIVE event.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you're helping others, as a % of your investment goes to great causes.
  • Use Coupon Code "OPT55" to save 55% (for each of the 55 guest experts we've had for you!)

Use Coupon Code “OPT55” 

(valid for a limited time) 

After the event it will be $297 or more.

NOTE: All bonuses will be delivered at the conclusion of the event in a secure members area. Given the nature of this offer, all sales are final. Additionally, given the generosity of our faculty, we reserve the right to substitute bonuses as needed.

Here's Your All-Star Faculty...You'll Enjoy Lifetime Access to the Recording of Their Sessions.


Joel Bauer


Casey Eberhart


Yifat Cohen


Roland Frasier


Jillian Sidoti


Scott Paton


Ahana LARA & Daniel NILON


Tom Beal




Les Brown


Allison Shreeve


Denise O'Brien


Mike Filsaime


Joseph Ranseth


Shannon Mccaffery


Gunther MuEller


Dean Hankey


Dame DC Cordova


Warren K Carlyle IV


Adam Bremen


Sharyn Sheldon


Mark Harris


James Woeber


David PerDew


Beejel Parmar


Breanna Gunn


Timothy Johnson


Kevin Wilke


Debbie-Lynn Grace


Ben Gay III




Cydney O'Sullivan




Rob O'Byrne


Susan Pilkenton


justin teoh


Nat Binette


Tracy Repchuk


Dan Steinhauer




Raquel Sharper


Bonnie Fahy


David Chance


Cherry Martinez


Shereen Thor


Guy Dawson




Eric Zuley


Ken Krell


Jill Lublin


Forbes Riley


Claude Haggerty

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